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How To Use This Page- Our signals on the right, are based on the concept that being out of the markets in major down trends and preserving capital, will lower risk and over time, enhance portfolio performance.
A common misunderstanding is that a trend following system does not work or that it cannot be used successfully as an investment strategy. We believe only in mechanical, empirical and systematic approaches to trading. We agree that attempts to trade the market using emotional or subjective techniques are futile. However, as the linked below charts demonstrate, systematic trend following can add return to investment performance and greatly reduce risk as a result of being out of the market about 33% of the time.
The signals you see here and with our managed accounts at Lussenheide Capital Management Inc., use a 100 day simple moving average as it's basic system along with a mechanical,  proprietary trading filter that is a set percentage above and below the 100 day moving average. By using a trading filter our system has more desirable characteristics, including fewer trades and less whipsaws amongst others. If the index or fund moves above the 100-day average of its own price and through its trading percentage envelope, then it would be considered a buy signal. If it falls below the 100-day average of its own price, and its trading percentage envelope  then it would be considered a sell signal . Our complete systems and components are kept private for proprietary and legal reasons. 
Remember, it is not about "how much you make" that allows you to be a successful investor, but rather the ability to avoid and minimize losses that protects long term profits.  
Keep an eye on our page each day to keep posted on our signals, or sign up for the free subscription by clicking here and we will email our signals "as they happen" to you free of charge!  Should you discover that we are a viable methodology for money management and that you have neither the time , emotional fortitude, nor interest to employ it, then consider our low fee based account management linked above.
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Real Time Historical Results is an independent service that monitors several hundred investment professionals available for a small subscription price. Since our start on March 5th, 2002, we have been monitored by Timertrac in real time performance. Here are the results for our US Equity portfolios.

The first shows our performance vs. the SP 500 Buy and Hold, and uses our signal as applied to the Rydex Nasdaq 2x Leverage Fund when on a buy signal, and Rydex US Government Money Market Fund when on a sell signal. This ia an aggressive program, and we recommend it only for younger investors, or for only small amounts of capital, and for long term time horizons of 10 years or more.

The second graph shows our "moderate program" results using our equity signal as applied in combination to the Rydex Nasdaq 100 Fund and Rydex Nova SP 500 Fund when on a buy signal, and the Rydex US Government Money Market Fund when on a sell signal. This is a lower volatitilty portfolio and is appropriate for the equity portion of a portfolio for most investors.

Results were achieved with less risk than "buy and hold", while being in Money Market Funds approximately one third of the time.

Aggressive Program

Aggressive Program
Results 3.05.02 thru 1.13.17

Moderate Program

Moderate Program
Results 3.05.02 through 2.09.17

Important Disclosures:
1.Advisory Management Fee for Lussenheide Capital Management Inc. is neglected.
2. Fund and Management Fees for SP 500 "buy and hold" Neglected
3. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
4. Data source and charts are direct from and are completely independent of Lussenheide Capital Management Inc.